2015. 08. 10.

The Digital Production Pipeline

This complimentary course, originally presented at the SIGGRAPH 2013 conference, explores the operating procedures for studios to produce content. While these studios look to tighten budgets, minimize risk and broaden films' reach worldwide across platforms, there is no longer a standard operating procedure. Shorter schedules, and globalization are as disruptive to the digital pipeline today as non-liner editing and digital cameras were to their analogue counterparts. This course examines digital pipelines, exposes a few of the methods that haven't changed for far too long, and takes a look at trends in production workflows that will allow studios to quickly adapt to these ever changing environments.
  • Darin Grant, Method Studios
  • Jonathan "Jono" Gibbs, DreamWorks Animation
  • Steve Lavietes. Sony Pictures Imageworks
  • Michael "Mike" Stein, MPC
  • Barbara Ford Grant, How to Make Good Pictures, LLC
  • Future of Pipeline
  • Questions from the Audience

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