2012. 08. 14.

The Lego Story

Naiad 0.6.1

Íme a Naiad hattyúdala, amit a tegnapi levélben is említettek. Az fxguide-on lévő cikk szerint a két fő fejlesztőt és a technológiát vette meg az Autodesk nem magát az Exotic Mattert. A Naiad nem folytatódik tovább, mint Autodesk Naiad, hanem a technológiát építik be majd valamelyik Autodesk-es programba (programokba).

Naiad 0.6.1 demo - Coming Soon from Igor Zanic on Vimeo.

 New Standard Operators

  •     HD (experimental) - allows a selective uprezzing of a lower-resolution fluid body (an "SD" body).
  •     Aerodynamics (experimental) - fast gas/smoke/fire solver operator (can, however, exhibit some grid artifacts)
  •     Hydrodynamics (experimental) - fast liquid solver operator (but does not always converge)
  •     Particle-Mesh4 - 4th-generation particle surfacing code (fixed many of the Particle-Mesh3 artifacts, yet sacrificing none of the great detail)
  •     Body-Read - read various file formats and make a corresponding body (or bodies)
  •     Sphere-Mesh - make a volume body directly from a sphere
  •     Tile-Expand - add more tiles around a body

Changes to Existing Standard Operators

  •     Dynamics (no more energy spikes etc - see General Improvement at the bottom)
  •     Body-Write / Body-Terminal
  •     Combust (burn map, NEL expressions, etc)
  •     Drag (accepts NEL expressions)
  •     Particle-Splash-Emit (emission radius, pure ballistic)

New Naiad Buddies

  •     The Naiad Buddy for Alembic (Compiled for Linux only; full source-code available for Windows)
  •     The Naiad Buddy for Houdini 12 BGEOs (mesh, particles, and volumes)
  •     The Naiad Buddy for V-Ray (mesh and particle export)
  •     The Naiad Buddy for 3DS Max

Updates to Existing Naiad Buddies

  •     The Naiad Buddy for Krakatoa - PRT reading now implemented in Body-Read
  •     The Naiad Buddy for Arnold - using Body-Io mechanism

Bug Fixes

  •     Under some circumstances, parameters with sliders would get incorrectly clamped - this has been fixed.
  •     Crashing when using certain NEL expressions have been fixed.
  •     Particle IDs were inconsistent and duplicates were possible - this has been fixed.
  •     Naiad Studio crashed when invalid parameter references were present.

General Improvements

  •     Overall, Naiad 0.6.1 is a more optimized, memory-lean, and awesome version of the Naiad 0.6 release.
  •     The Dynamics operator had severe problems with very thin layers of fluid in contact with a moving solid.  This would cause violent "explosions" and   "energy spikes" where fluid particles would go flying off in unnatural ways.  This has been one of the long-standing problems with the Naiad solver -   and we are pleased to announce the issue has been fixed!   The underlying numerical codes have been redesigned and rewritten, eliminating this artifact.
  •     Particle-Wet-Emit had problems where wet particles were "left floating around" in space.. This op has been rewritten and behaves significantly better now.
  •     64-bit integer support for point and triangle channel import
  •     The documentation has been overhauled to ensure all the operator docs are correct and up-to-date.  The Application Notes have been expanded to include Houdini buddy 12 docs.

2012. 08. 13.

Autodesk Naiad

Szomorú hír terjed a cg kapátorok körében: az Autodesk megvette tokkal vonóval a Naiadot. Mennyivel másabb lenne a hír, ha azt írhattam volna hogy: The Foundry Naiad, nemde??

Dear Naiad customer,

Please be aware that Autodesk has acquired the Naiad fluid simulation technology in order to accelerate their research and development of
simulation technologies for visual effects.

The Naiad technology, along with the engineering expertise of the founders of Exotic Matter, are anticipated to benefit not only Autodesk’s Digital Entertainment Creation solutions, but also Autodesk research into cloud services for the Media & Entertainment industry.

Your involvement has been crucial to the success of Naiad and I would like to thank you for supporting Naiad and being a part of the development of the technology.

As part of the Naiad technology being acquired by Autodesk, you need to be aware that:

* After Naiad 0.6.1 is released, all further Naiad development will cease.
* The current maintenance term will be the last one offered by Exotic Matter. All maintenance contracts will be terminated after the current term expires.
* The full source code for Naiad Studio, Naiad Command Line, and all Naiad Buddies will be included as part of the Naiad 0.6.1 release.
Due to the development transition to Autodesk, Exotic Matter support for open-source code will no longer be provided.
* New Naiad licenses are not available through Exotic Matter. Inquiries should be directed to Autodesk.

I am very excited about the future of the Naiad technology. It is anticipated that certain Naiad technology may find its way into future Autodesk offerings and we look forward to working with you to make this happen.

Marcus Nordenstam

UPDATE: nem folytatják, mint standalone, hanem a technológiát beolvasztják a programjaikba. 

In an effort to accelerate Autodesk’s research and development of simulation technologies for visual effects, Autodesk has acquired the Naiad fluid simulation technology from Exotic Matter.
Exotic Matter’s founder and CEO, Marcus Nordenstam and Chief Scientist, Robert Bridson have joined Autodesk. Robert Bridson also will continue as a professor of Scientific Computing/Computer Graphics at the University of British Columbia.
Autodesk will not continue to market and sell Naiad as a standalone product but it is anticipated that certain Naiad technology may find its way into future Autodesk offerings. As of this time, there are no new product or offering announcements pertaining to the Autodesk software portfolio.
It's expected that Exotic Matter will contact its existing Naiad customers and provide information on how support will be handled. These customers can also still contact Exotic Matter through existing channels.