2012. 11. 09.

World War Z - HD trailer

A hányattatott sorsú, idehaza is forgatott World War Z első trailere megérkezett. A VFX-et a Cinesite, az MPC, a Halon Entertainment, a The Third Floor, a 4D Max, a Legacy Effects, és a The Aaron Sims Company tolja le. A film (elvileg) 2013. június 21.-én érkezik a mozikba, ami egy igazi blockbuster időpont, szóval hátha sikerült gatyába rázni a dolgot.

2012. 11. 07.

Tricks1 for Nuke

A Tricks1 egy plugin Nuke alá a Circus Software-től, ami 4 olyan node-ot tartalmaz, ami főleg az integrációban segíti a kompert. Erre a linkre kattintva megnézhetitek a tutorialokat is.
További infókért katt a képre.
/via Tocy/

2012. 11. 06.

Digic Pictures - Halo 4 - HD trailer #3

Digic Pictures - Halo 4 - HD trailer #2

Phoenix FD for Maya

•  A hybrid simulation system including grids and particles
•  Automatic foam and splashes generation with optimized shaders for faster rendering and easier setup
•  Optimization for huge amount of particles including a fog shader
•  GPU preview that resembles almost rendering quality and allows you to setup your fluid in the viewport with multiple lights even before rendering
•  Support for all fluids by V-Ray RT, including liquids with proper refraction, for quick and efficient material setup
•  3D procedural textures allow you to extract channels data from the simulation that can be used in various ways (blending colors of the fluid, changing the IOR for haze effects, etc.)
•  Full integration with V-Ray, including proper GI from the generated fluid
•  Option to generate haze effects for distorting objects behind the fluid grid
•  Scripting through Maxscript in 3ds Max and Pyton in Maya for full control over your simulations

Shadow of Blue - making of

"A SHADOW OF BLUE" from Carlos Lascano on Vimeo.

Making Of del nuevo cortometraje de Carlos Lascano. from Blueberry Studios on Vimeo.

Pixar - La Luna

Steiff - Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark

Steiff - Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark from Denis Parchow on Vimeo.