2013. 12. 07.

Xmesh MY - geometry cache

- Accelerated Loading: By saving multiple animated meshes as a single entity, XMesh loads files orders of magnitude faster.
- Minimized Disk Space Usage: For each frame, XMesh saves multiple files - an XML header file referencing data channels and a compressed binary file per channel for optimizing disk space usage. Furthermore, unchanging channel data is saved once and can be referenced by later frames without duplication.
- Enhanced Multi-Core Performance: Each data channel is saved and loaded in a separate thread to provide advanced performance on multi-core machines.
- Parallel Saving: By allowing the same animated sequence to be saved on multiple network nodes, XMesh enables heavy scenes to be cached orders of magnitude faster.
- Quick Playback: With support for optional alternative mesh representation in the viewport, XMesh can play back files even faster via a low-resolution proxy file sequence. Viewport display modes that read only a fraction of data from disk – including bounding box, vertex cloud with percentage option and percentage of faces – further boost performance.
- Easy Information Transfer: XMesh preserves per-face material assignment information and supports the conversion of Maya edge smoothing information into 3ds Max smoothing groups and vice-versa, which provides an alternative to storing explicit normals.

2013. 12. 06.

Unit Image - Coca Cola

Nuke 8

NUKE 8 Recording of Live Digital Event from The Foundry on Vimeo.

NUKE 8 features :
In-viewer text compose, edit and animate
Powerful timeline viewing
Artist-friendly color controls
Enhanced viewer rendering results
Intelligent in-application help
Advanced 3D controls
Powerful Deep Compositing
Speed and performance enhancements
Planar Rendering Framework
Python Import NUKE
Blink Script node

NUKEX 8 features :
Advanced color matching
The next generation of Camera Tracking
Powerful Model Building
Particle simulation caching